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Candidate Spotlight Chasity Pawvlik

Conservative Constitutional Republican for Georgia House of Representatives District 164

Ms. Pawvlik is challenging the incumbent Representative Ron Stephens

Chasity Pawvlik is a 47 year old mother of four and a new grandmother. She has been a small business owner in the gym industry for almost a decade (June 2014). Chaisty is a special operations military spouse. In 2009, prior to her relocation from Splendora Texas to Hunter Army Airfield here in Savannah Georgia, she was employed in the legal field for ten years specializing in complex family law litigation and CPS conservatorship cases. She also has experience in the oilfield industry, medical field industry and an early background in agriculture (relating to raising livestock, judging livestock for the market, and some horticulture experience).

Why am i running?

Patriotic duty

Chasity Pawvlik is running for the Georgia House of Representatives 164th District because she feels that she could "no longer remain in the suppressed citizen shadows while our country is being destroyed." The 24 years that Representative Ron Stephens has been in office, he has never faced da Republican challenger in the primary. Proud of qualifying to run for state house Ms. Pawvlick stated "On March 11, 2022 at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, I ended the long season of complacency for all of us in House District 164."

Chasity's priorities

✅ Protecting the best interest of our children's physical, emotional, and mental well being

✅ Election integrity within the political party organization which is imperative to election infrastructure, free and fair elections, and the the national security of the United States

✅ Border Security

✅ Pursue accountability of elected law enforcement and other government agencies, including the judicial system that have failed in their duties

✅ Second Amendment - "Shall not be infringed" is not up for debate

✅ Pursue remedies to restrict the overreach and abuse of power that the HOA's possess to end the harassment homeowners endure across Georgia

✅ Military and Veterans

✅ Support residents of Buckhead in their righteous pursuit to secede from the corrupt and crime ridden City of Atlanta to establish their own city

Engage with Chasity

email: chasitypawvlik@outlook.com

Phone: 912-509-9730


* This is not an endorsement. The CCRP does not endorse candidates in contested Republican Primary races.

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