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Get Involved Today

Thank you for choosing to support the Chatham County GOP!

Our work is just getting started.

The GOP’s sights are set on 2022 and winning back both the House and Senate for our Republican cause, for our Country, and for the American People.

Now is the time we must work our hardest to recapture our Republican Majority in Congress—we need your help speaking to neighbors, making phone calls, knocking on doors, distributing literature, and so much more.

By signing up, you will not only learn more about volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood, but you also will be a part of a national movement to protect our core Republican principles.

To receive notifications of upcoming events, opportunities to volunteer, and information on how to get involved, please fill out the following form, and one of our team members in your community will contact you with more information.


To become an official member of Chatham County GOP, click on the "Membership Application" and submit your completed application to (EMAIL) or turn into the Membership Chairman or the Secretary. Donating/Contributing funds to the Chatham County GOP does not make you a member. You MUST complete the membership application.


Savannah, GA 31405

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