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2022 Election

2022 Election

2022 Election

2022 Election

primary - May 24, 2022

Local Races

Local Races

* indicates incumbent

Chatham County Board of Elections

Robin Greco

Marianne Mercer Heimes*

Jennifer Salandi

Chatham County Board of Elections

James Brisson Hall*

Beverly Meng

State Senate
District 1

Ben Watson*

State senate
district 2

Ken Yasger

Clinton Young

State rep
district 161

Bill Hitchens*

State rep
district 164

Chasity Pawvlik

Ron Stephens*

state rep
district 166

Jesse Petrea*


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statewide Races


Catherine Davis

Brian Kemp*

David Perdue

Kandiss Taylor

Tom Williams

Lt. Governor

Burt Jones

Mack McGregor

Butch Miller

Jeanne Seaver

Secretary of State

David Belle Isle

Jody Hice

T.J. Hudson

Brad Raffensperger*

Attorney General

Chris Carr*

John Gordan

Commissioner of 

Tyler Harpe

Commissioner of insurance

Ben Cowart

John King*

Patrick Witt

state school superintendent

John Barge

Richard Woods*

Commissioner of 

Kartik Bhatt

Mike Coan

Bruce Thompson

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